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Creating API tokens in PHP

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Tags: #Authentication #PHP #Web security

In this post I explore the creating of API tokens using PHP in a secure way. Create the token Verify the token

Tags: #CTF #Web security

Aalekh and his business Aalekh joined IIIT in 2014. Soon, he started selling T-shirts and hoodies. One day, Aalekh got a big order and trusted his childhood friend to handle the order. But his friend betrayed him and sold bad pieces. College students got angry and tried to beat Aalekh up. His good friend, Anshul, … Continue reading “Break In CTF 2018”

Tags: #CTF #Python #Web security

I always like to give the forensics challenges a chance at CTFs that I don’t intend to play seriously because lack of time in my schedule. This challenge was kinnda classic with a binary file encoded as colors in a web page. Here is my solution. Bit Map – 500 Points We’re developing our own … Continue reading “3DSCTF 2017 writeup – Bit Map”

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