Fast low cost development: Using Pusher REST API on Android.

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One of the projects I was working on was an Android app that will not be published on the store and will only be used for one day by one user – a truck driver that will drive around the streets of Stockholm before Christmas eve and give some kind of Christmas gifts. This app … Continue reading “Fast low cost development: Using Pusher REST API on Android.”

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GDPR came with a huge benefit for those who cares about their privacy in the EU. But we can’t deny that it was a huge headache for business owners, bloggers and everyone owning a website or app. In this article is directed for website or app owners that serve Ads. I will only cover two … Continue reading “GDPR compliance for Adsense and AdMob. A lazy approach for Android and PHP”

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One of the regularly used functionality in android applications is SharedPreferences. It allows the developer to save and cache simple values during the apps life time in a persistent manner. I usually see myself using this functionality and writing a wrapper class every time I need to use this functionality in one of my apps. … Continue reading “Android Shortcuts: SharedPreferences”

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One of the dirty ways (in my opinion) to use the ListView and GridView in android is inside a ScrollView. The reason I do it sometimes is to have multiple ListViews or GridViews or a combination of both with other elements inside a LinearLayout. This time I will review how to achieve the following: GirdView … Continue reading “Dirty ways to use GirdView and ListView in a ScrollView Android”

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Few weeks ago, I needed a way to show if there is an a newer version of an app on Google’s play store. I needed a solution that does not require me having a server setup, where I have to keep a value of the latest version. Everything needs to be dynamic. I found a … Continue reading “Querying Google Play from your latest version of your Android app”

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Creating a qr-code will definitely be a plus to your android application if you intent to share small pieces of data between devices using qr-code scanning . Earlier I’ve a way to create and use the qr-code (or bar-code) scanning in android apps. You can check the article here Scanning QR-code with Android. Adding the … Continue reading “Creating QR-codes in Android”

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This article will be about how integrate the possibility of scanning QR-code(or bar-codes) in your android application. Having the possibility to scan QR-codes (or bar-codes) is always a nice plus to your Android application. Some use it a way for sharing information from one device to another like business card (contact sharing), while other use … Continue reading “Scanning QR-code with Android”

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I did not have so much time this weekend to spend on CTF. However I managed to solve few challenges from different CTF that were running at the same time. One of them being InCTF. I was surprised to see the mobile challenge category and went immediately to check the first challenge. Rev 150 There … Continue reading “InCTF 2017 mobile Rev challenge writeup”

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