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Android Shortcuts: Starting a new project

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So you are staring your android project and need to prepare your gradle file. Here is a shortcut offered to you on a gold plate. Adding the essential repositories Android studio with gradle is an awesome framework that offers you a painless way to add libraries to your projects without any hassle. In order to … Continue reading “Android Shortcuts: Starting a new project”

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One of the dirty ways (in my opinion) to use the ListView and GridView in android is inside a ScrollView. The reason I do it sometimes is to have multiple ListViews or GridViews or a combination of both with other elements inside a LinearLayout. This time I will review how to achieve the following: GirdView … Continue reading “Dirty ways to use GirdView and ListView in a ScrollView Android”

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Whether you started thinking about making your first android wear aka ( Wear OS ) application or already have been doing it for a while. Being able to use the tools that Google provides with their powerful Android Studio IDE saves quite some time while developing you apps. Android studio provides the ability to test … Continue reading “Pair your android phone emulator to android wear emulator with android studio”

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