Using Tor as a proxy with python requests

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Installing pip Installing requirements Installing and running Tor Download from https://www.torproject.org Python script

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One of the regularly used functionality in android applications is SharedPreferences. It allows the developer to save and cache simple values during the apps life time in a persistent manner. I usually see myself using this functionality and writing a wrapper class every time I need to use this functionality in one of my apps. … Continue reading “Android Shortcuts: SharedPreferences”

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Whether you started thinking about making your first android wear aka ( Wear OS ) application or already have been doing it for a while. Being able to use the tools that Google provides with their powerful Android Studio IDE saves quite some time while developing you apps. Android studio provides the ability to test … Continue reading “Pair your android phone emulator to android wear emulator with android studio”

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Two factor authentication is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your web services. However a problem arise when using 2FA with already existing terminal based apps and services that with an their own protocol, in our case GIT. The company I’m working for enforced two factor authentication on its private … Continue reading “Setting two factor authentication with github HTTPS”

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The idea Few months ago I wanted to use my new Raspberry Pi 3 to play music. My basic idea was to create a simple controller mobile application. The protocol it self goes throughout four steps assuming I will have all my music files on the pi: The app asks for the the list. The … Continue reading “Playing music with python on a Raspberry Pi”

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Creating a qr-code will definitely be a plus to your android application if you intent to share small pieces of data between devices using qr-code scanning . Earlier I’ve a way to create and use the qr-code (or bar-code) scanning in android apps. You can check the article here Scanning QR-code with Android. Adding the … Continue reading “Creating QR-codes in Android”

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This article will be about how integrate the possibility of scanning QR-code(or bar-codes) in your android application. Having the possibility to scan QR-codes (or bar-codes) is always a nice plus to your Android application. Some use it a way for sharing information from one device to another like business card (contact sharing), while other use … Continue reading “Scanning QR-code with Android”

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