Fast low cost development: Using Pusher REST API on Android.

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One of the projects I was working on was an Android app that will not be published on the store and will only be used for one day by one user – a truck driver that will drive around the streets of Stockholm before Christmas eve and give some kind of Christmas gifts. This app … Continue reading “Fast low cost development: Using Pusher REST API on Android.”

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GDPR came with a huge benefit for those who cares about their privacy in the EU. But we can’t deny that it was a huge headache for business owners, bloggers and everyone owning a website or app. In this article is directed for website or app owners that serve Ads. I will only cover two … Continue reading “GDPR compliance for Adsense and AdMob. A lazy approach for Android and PHP”

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MPAndroidChart is one of the most powerful chart libraries. However, at work the designer gave me a chart with rounded corners. And I had to research and found this solution .. I hope it helps someone in the future. Bar chart Create a class RoundedBarChartRenderer that extends BarChartRenderer. Then use it like following: Horizontal Bar … Continue reading “MPAndroidChart rounded corners BarChart and HorizontalBarChart”

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One of the dirty ways (in my opinion) to use the ListView and GridView in android is inside a ScrollView. The reason I do it sometimes is to have multiple ListViews or GridViews or a combination of both with other elements inside a LinearLayout. This time I will review how to achieve the following: GirdView … Continue reading “Dirty ways to use GirdView and ListView in a ScrollView Android”

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Few weeks ago, I needed a way to show if there is an a newer version of an app on Google’s play store. I needed a solution that does not require me having a server setup, where I have to keep a value of the latest version. Everything needs to be dynamic. I found a … Continue reading “Querying Google Play from your latest version of your Android app”

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In this post I explore the creating of API tokens using PHP in a secure way. Create the token Verify the token

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This article describes a way to use of php as a middleware for passing text data that is larger than the firebase limit which is 4kb. Firebase cloud messaging is one awesome tool that one can use to deliver information to client endpoint without even thinking about delivery costs and server load. However, last week I was … Continue reading “Firebase cloud messaging large text and file sharing hack”

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After the release of Android 6.0, we have to distinguish between normal and dangerous permissions, according to the developer guide from Android . We will explain what different permission groups and how it is possible for a developer to enforce his own permissions. In this context “normal” permissions will be used, when the application needs … Continue reading “Android Permissions, Misuse and Leak”

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