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(November 16, 2017)

Scanning QR-code with Android

This article will be about how integrate the possibility of scanning QR-code(or bar-codes) in your android application. Having the possibility to scan QR-codes (or bar-codes) is always a nice plus to your Android application. Some use it a way for sharing information from one device to another like business card (contact sharing), while other use … Continue reading “Scanning QR-code with Android”

(October 31, 2017)

Playing music with python on a Raspberry Pi

The idea Few months ago I wanted to use my new Raspberry Pi 3 to play music. My basic idea was to create a simple controller mobile application. The protocol it self goes throughout four steps assuming I will have all my music files on the pi: The app asks for the the list. The … Continue reading “Playing music with python on a Raspberry Pi”

(April 30, 2017)

UIUCTF 2017 writeups

From time-based side-channel, automated reverse-engineering¬†and classic steganography… Here is a list of challenges I thought were interesting and how I solved them. Let’s begin by summing up the mentioned problems: scratches : is about automating a solution for a simple crack-me reverse challenge. Taylor’s Magical Flag Oracle: is about a time based side channel attack. … Continue reading “UIUCTF 2017 writeups”

(April 23, 2017)

TAMUctf 2017 Writeups

For the past year I’ve been competing in almost every CTF announced on CTFtime.org, with my team that we have created at our university called ChalmersCTF. For those who doesn’t know what CTF stands for I suggest reading this description. Here are a list of challenges that I though were interesting for me that has … Continue reading “TAMUctf 2017 Writeups”

(September 3, 2016)

Android Permissions, Misuse and Leak

After the release of Android 6.0, we have to distinguish between normal and dangerous permissions, according to the developer guide from Android . We will explain what different permission groups and how it is possible for a developer to enforce his own permissions. In this context “normal” permissions will be used, when the application needs … Continue reading “Android Permissions, Misuse and Leak”