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(January 23, 2018)

Break In CTF 2018

Aalekh and his business Aalekh joined IIIT in 2014. Soon, he started selling T-shirts and hoodies. One day, Aalekh got a big order and trusted his childhood friend to handle the order. But his friend betrayed him and sold bad pieces. College students got angry and tried to beat Aalekh up. His good friend, Anshul, … Continue reading “Break In CTF 2018”

(December 17, 2017)

3DSCTF 2017 writeup – Bit Map

I always like to give the forensics challenges a chance at CTFs that I don’t intend to play seriously because lack of time in my schedule. This challenge was kinnda classic with a binary file encoded as colors in a web page. Here is my solution. Bit Map – 500 Points We’re developing our own … Continue reading “3DSCTF 2017 writeup – Bit Map”

(December 17, 2017)

InCTF 2017 mobile Rev challenge writeup

I did not have so much time this weekend to spend on CTF. However I managed to solve few challenges from different CTF that were running at the same time. One of them being InCTF. I was surprised to see the mobile challenge category and went immediately to check the first challenge. Rev 150 There … Continue reading “InCTF 2017 mobile Rev challenge writeup”

(December 10, 2017)

SECCON security contest 2017 writeups

After more than 6 month of not playing any CTF… I decided to join ChalmersCTF to play SECCON. After giving it about 2+ hours I could solve 4 challenges. And here is how I did it. Run me! (Programming 100 points) Run me! —– RunMe.py import sys sys.setrecursionlimit(99999) def f(n): return n if n < … Continue reading “SECCON security contest 2017 writeups”

(November 22, 2017)

Creating QR-codes in Android

Creating a qr-code will definitely be a plus to your android application if you intent to share small pieces of data between devices using qr-code scanning . Earlier I’ve a way to create and use the qr-code (or bar-code) scanning in android apps. You can check the article here Scanning QR-code with Android. Adding the … Continue reading “Creating QR-codes in Android”

(November 22, 2017)

Firebase cloud messaging large text and file sharing hack

This article describes a way to use of php as a middleware for passing text data that is larger than the firebase limit which is 4kb. Firebase cloud messaging is one awesome tool that one can use to deliver information to client endpoint without even thinking about delivery costs and server load. However, last week I was … Continue reading “Firebase cloud messaging large text and file sharing hack”

(November 16, 2017)

Scanning QR-code with Android

This article will be about how integrate the possibility of scanning QR-code(or bar-codes) in your android application. Having the possibility to scan QR-codes (or bar-codes) is always a nice plus to your Android application. Some use it a way for sharing information from one device to another like business card (contact sharing), while other use … Continue reading “Scanning QR-code with Android”

(October 31, 2017)

Playing music with python on a Raspberry Pi

The idea Few months ago I wanted to use my new Raspberry Pi 3 to play music. My basic idea was to create a simple controller mobile application. The protocol it self goes throughout four steps assuming I will have all my music files on the pi: The app asks for the the list. The … Continue reading “Playing music with python on a Raspberry Pi”

(April 30, 2017)

UIUCTF 2017 writeups

From time-based side-channel, automated reverse-engineering and classic steganography… Here is a list of challenges I thought were interesting and how I solved them. Let’s begin by summing up the mentioned problems: scratches : is about automating a solution for a simple crack-me reverse challenge. Taylor’s Magical Flag Oracle: is about a time based side channel attack. … Continue reading “UIUCTF 2017 writeups”

(April 23, 2017)

TAMUctf 2017 Writeups

For the past year I’ve been competing in almost every CTF announced on CTFtime.org, with my team that we have created at our university called ChalmersCTF. For those who doesn’t know what CTF stands for I suggest reading this description. Here are a list of challenges that I though were interesting for me that has … Continue reading “TAMUctf 2017 Writeups”